Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What do I have to do to have my points count for AHS?
A:For points to count, you must follow the membership guidelines and apply for membership.

Q:How do I join AHS?
A:To join AHS, complete the online membership application and pay the appropriate fee(s).

Q:Where can I get a copy of the AHS rules and regulations?
A:The rules and regulations are on the website or ask the show secretary at any AHS show, or on our ByLaws page.

Q:How do I get a prize list for an AHS show?
A:Prize lists are mailed to all members. To join our e-mail list, please click here.

Q:I showed today but am not a member. Can my points count?
A:Registration will be effective the day it is made - if you show, register by 11:59pm the same day for points to count!