Our 2022 Board of Directors

President - Sarah Rook

Treasurer - Catherine Liggett

Secretary - Jenn Post

Points/Membership - Trisha Eckard

Banquet Chair - Laura Upton

Our Purpose

To encourage, foster and promote equestrian activities

The USA Equestrian Sportsman's Charter states, "Sport is something done for the fun of doing it and it ceases to be a sport when it becomes a business only .. The exploitation of sport for profit alone kills the spirit and retains only the husk and semblance of the sport. The qualities of frankness, courage, and sincerity which mark the good sportsman in private life shall mark the discussion of his interests at the show. Good manners of sport are fundamentally important. The whole structure of sport is not only preserved from the absurdity of undue importance, but is justified by a kind of romance which animates it, and by the positive virtues of courage, patience, good temper and unselfishness which are demanded by the code"

It is the intent of the AHS and its Board to maintain these fundamental values as the reason for our existence; that sportsmanship, and the competition as it relates to the equestrian sport, be experienced and embraced both in and out of the ring by the entire membership, young and old.

AHS Helping Hooves

In 2015, the AHS Board created the Helping Hooves Fund. The Helping Hooves fund enables the Associated Horse Shows to financially assist members in times of great hardship. It gives us great pride to be able to support our community, who have supported this organization for so long. We all know of someone who has lost a job, been hospitalized, or has been through a rough time that makes it hard to pay bills. This fund can help from utility, to feed, to board bills. The only bill we will not consider is vet bills.

Helping Hooves is financed through donations and various fundraising efforts throughout the year. Over the 2016 and 2017 seasons, entry fees from the AHS Derby were put directly into the Helping Hooves fund. The Board knows that this fund will ensure that when hard time hit, we can depend on the support of our small but caring community of horse people to pull us through.

The Board is looking to our community of professional horsemen for assistance. We often hear of someone that is in need of assistance through the grapevine, but we don't know the best way to help them. If you hear of a barn member or other trainer that is in need of financial assistance, please write a letter to the Board explaining the situation, and what kind of financial aid is needed.