Associated Horse Shows Derbies

Exciting news again this year! AHS will be hosting six Hunter Derbies events for the membership and, again offering a Year-End ribbons for both heights and Perpetual Trophy for the overall high point Derby horse/pony.

Read the Derby Press Release here.

Our Hunter Derby events will be held at the following shows:

  • June 25 @ Once Upon a Farm - 2'
  • August 6 @ Fox Heath - 2'6"
  • September 17 @ Sommerfield Stables - 2'
  • October 1 @ Fox Heath - 2'6"
  • October 22 @ Jentri Stables - 2' AND 2'6"
  • The Derby heights will run as:

  • 2' with 2'3" options for those competing at 2'3" and under this year
  • 2'6" with 2'9" options for those competing at 2'6" and higher this year
  • Remember, to compete you must be an AHS member and have shown in at least 3 previous shows this year AND must enter in a full division at this horse show; and for points to count you must pay entry fee day of show.

    Hunter Derby Awards

    Neck sashes will be awarded 1st thru 8th place

    First Place finishers of each class will receive a special AHS item!

    Points accumulated at each event will be updated here and will count towards the Year-End Award, with the overall high point horse/pony receiving a Perpetual Trophy at the Awards Banquet!

    2017 Hunter Derby Points

    2' AHS Derby

    . Horse / Rider06/25/2017 Once Upon a Farm09/17/2017 Sommerfield Stables10/22/2017 Jentri StablesTotal
    1Make it Rain / Grace Taylor105144114363
    2Mini Cooper / Alyssa Walters10913850297
    3Blondie / Claire Thurston1416289292
    4Rosecroft Bellbrooke / Kayla Destephanis112-146258
    5Annie Oakley / Anna Grinrod-15198249
    6Onstarr / Payton McGowan-123125248
    7Amstel / Grace Garrett-15690246
    8Storm Cloud / Sadie Takakjy106108.5-214.5
    9Valiant / Laura Molnar--167167
    10True Story / Karoline Sarazin145--145
    11All That Jazz / Chloe May-141-141
    12Miss Independent / Keri Schlupp140--140
    13First Class Flight / Kelsey LaBarbera--136136
    14Flash / Grace Garrett111--111
    15Port Merion / Jamie Esposito-111-111
    16Voytek / Catherine Liggett107--107
    17Marquette Warrior / Emileigh McNally-62.5-62.5

    2'6" AHS Derby

    . Horse / Rider08/06/2017 Fox Heath10/01/2017 Fox Heath10/22/2017 Jentri StablesTotal
    1Topper / Trisha Eckard112142.5102356.5
    2Magic Promise / Tory Hetzel79161115355
    3Voytek / Catherine Liggett10583154342
    4Radiance / Jocelyn Lacy-168162330
    5Strategic Vission / Jamie Esposito-95138233
    6Big Mine Run / Alison Welsh--148148
    7Another Chapter / Monica Zelesnick7066-136
    8Semper Fi / Ashley Nottingham-130-130
    9Sinfully Delicious / Kendal Leitner--122122
    10Read My Mind / Karoline Sarazin120--120