Associated Horse Shows Derbies

AHS will be hosting six Hunter Derbies events and, again offering a Year-End ribbons for both heights and Perpetual Trophy for the overall high point Derby horse/pony.

Our Hunter Derby events will be held at the following shows:

  • August 4 @ Fox Heath - 2'
  • August 11 @ Black Horse Stables - 2'
  • September 15 @ Sommerfield Stables - 2'
  • September 22 @ Jentri Stables - 2'6"
  • September 29 @ Fox Heath - 2'6"
  • October 20 @ Jentri Stables - 2'6"
  • The Derby heights will run as:

  • 2' with 2'3" options for those competing at 2'3" and under this year
  • 2'6" with 2'9" options for those competing at 2'6" and higher this year
  • To compete in a derby class, you must enter a division the same day - that's it! For points to accumulate for Year-End Awards, you must be a current AHS member (horse, rider, and owner).

    Hunter Derby Awards

    Neck sashes will be awarded 1st thru 8th place

    First Place finishers of each class will receive a special AHS item!

    Points accumulated at each event will be updated here and will count towards the Year-End Award, with the overall high point horse/pony receiving a Perpetual Trophy at the Awards Banquet!

    2019 Hunter Derby Points

    2' AHS Derby

    . Horse / Rider08/4/19 Fox Heath08/11/19 Black Horse Stables09/15/19 Sommerfield StablesTotal
    1Rockstar / Kyla Sandy157148152457
    2Hollywood / Megan McGeehan15675144375
    3Minnie the Moocher / Kyla Sandy & Kenny Montgomery12788121336
    4Hershey's Special Dark / Kaitlyn Fray10610145252
    5Brandazzle / Leah Nottingham167--167
    6*Yesterday's Story / Jamie Esposito-11340153
    6*Jack Sparrow / Brooke Hartley--153153
    8Topper / Claire Thurston149--149
    9Temptress / Kaitlyn Okin135--135
    10American Girl / Ashley Nottingham125-125
    11To The Moon and Back / Mia Spray--123123
    12Kemosabe / Beyla Khabensky--122122
    13Fiona / Olivia Garrett--119119
    14Portmerion / Stevie Potter--108108
    15Radiance / Faith Nuskey-70-70
    16Marquette Warrior / Megan Machulsky--5353
    17Polish Reality / Reilly Mensick--5252
    18Piano Man / Liz Clark40-40
    19All That Jazz / Emma Schnitzer--3030

    2'6" AHS Derby

    . Horse / Rider09/22/19 Jentri Stables09/29/19 Fox Heath10/29/19 Jentri StablesTotal
    1Dalton van het Larenshof / Dover Bull89164193446
    2Might Get Lucky / Adelaide Wedholm137145159441
    3Big Mine Run / Alison Welsh164137132433
    4My Sweet Sadie / Kyla Sandy15950160369
    5Bryn Taran's Jumping Jack Flash / Kyla Sandy14555165365
    6Jazzman / Liz Clark & Sara Dingley15611094360
    7DJ Jazzy Jerry / Kyla Sandy12014142303
    8Storm Cloud / Sadie Takakjy43127114284
    9When You Wish / Maria Gubbiotti17084-254
    10For You and Me Z / Sarah Toll44-91135
    11The Gambler / Liz Clark3864-102
    12Voytek / Catherine Liggett4640-86
    13Mini Cooper / Alyssa Walters-62-62