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Divisional Standings

Baby Green Hunter

Beginner Equitation

Childrens Hunter

Equitation 2 ft

Equitation 2 ft 6 in

Equitation 2 ft 9 in

Junior-Adult Pleasure

Lead Line

Lesson Mount

Long Stirrup


Modified Hunter

Pre-Adult Hunter

Pre-Children Hunter Horse

Pre-Children Hunter Pony

Schooling Hunter - High

Schooling Hunter - Low

Schooling Jumpers - High

Schooling Jumpers - Int

Schooling Jumpers - Low

Short Stirrup Equitation

Short Stirrup Hunter

Thoroughbred Hunter

Walk Trot Division

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AHS Rider Results

Riders must be an AHS Member during the 2017 show year to appear in this list

Aller Carleigh

Arnold Chloe

Baker Emma

Bateman Samantha

Bennett Chelsea

Benson Brooke

Bratis Reanna

Briganti Kelly

Burns Kira

Carabello Adrienne

Cohen Alyssa

Cohen Liz

Coverdale Tess

Coyle Ashlin

Coyle Caeli

Cunningham Maddy

Dadura Quinn

Dashko Daniel

DeLorenzo Ryleigh

Dennis Kaylah

Dougherty Lizzie

Drechsel Emily

Dunton Melanie

Eckard Trisha

Froman Sammy

Garrett Grace

Ghias Najeedah

Grandin Juliette

Hamburger Gabrielle

Hartley Brooke

Henning Scarlet-Rose

Houck Toni

Houlton Eva

Howe Morgan

Ives Caroline

Jasper Alex

Johnston Vanessa

Kaplan Morgan

Katz Sophia

Keuler Jack

Khabensky Beyla

Khabensky Gabriella

Kretschman Abby

Kretschman Lexie

Lacy Jocelyn

Lapsley Elianna

Leitner Kendal

Lofgren Hannah

Makarczyk Cynthia

Maurer Grace

McDermott Jennifer

McDonnell Gianna

McGowan Hailey

McNair Allyson

McNair Ayva

McNally Emileigh

Mensick Reilly

Michelin David

Miller Michelle

Molnar Laura

Montgomery Kenny

Morgan Sasha

Morris Yvonne

Nealis Sloan

Notte Violet

Nuskey Faith

Paoni Rena

Philippi Taylor

Potter Stevie

Realpe Angelina

Russell Lori

Schnitzer Emma

Shaffer Aidan

Simpson Lacey

Smith Ivy

Snyder Genevieve

Sottile Emma

Spray Mia

Succi Isabella

Svor Gillian

Takakjy Sadie

Tanner Bryce

Taylor Kathryn

Tenzer Mina

Toth Savannah

Trotter Caryn

Walters Alyssa

Weaver Lilyana

Weis Charlotte

Welsh Alison

West MaeLee

Wood Hailey

Workman Sabrina

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AHS Horse & Pony Results

Horses & Ponies must be an AHS Member during the 2017 show year to appear in this list

50 Shades of Bay


All That Jazz

Almosta Cadillac


Annie Oakley

Another Chapter

Apple Butter's Captain Hook

Baby Steps

Backwoods Boy


Big Mine Run

Birdz Wish




Carpe Diem



Ciao Bella

Clamira Sofia


Cloudy Bay


Crown Ridge Spot On

Designated Driver

Dippin' Dots

DJ Jazzy Jerry



First Class Flight

Five Minutes til Midnight


Fortune Teller

Foxlair Baccarat


Harry Potter

Hat Trick

Heaven's Gate Signature Design

Hot Stocker

Independence Day

Indian Summer

Jack Sparrow

Just A Flirt

Just Keep Trotting

Just the Two of Us

Khaleesi LL


Kirkwood Ranger

Leggo my ego




Magic Promise

Make It Rain

Marquette Warrier


Mirror Image

Miss Independent


Monopoly Money

Mr. Sandman

Music Man

My Girl


Noble Intentions



Plausible Deniability

Poco Dinero

Polish Reality

Pretty In Pink

Prince Charming

Prince of Thieves

Professor Gatsby


Read My Mind

Ready or Not



Rosecroft Bellbrooke

Rosie O'Grady

Royal Hawk

Royal Lover


Sample Size


See Me Sparkle

Semper Fi

Sinfully Delicious

Sir William's Miss Charlotte


Special Delite

Storm Cloud

Strategic Vission

Sweet as Honey

Tea Party


The Flying Dutchman

The Huntsman

The Next Best Thing

To the Moon and Back

True Story(H)

Turn To Son

Untold Marvel


Wedding Crasher


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Show Results

Worcester Stables, March 05, 2017

Jentri Stables, April 02, 2017

Huntingdon Valley Hunt, April 09, 2017

Jentri Stables, April 30, 2017

Royces's Rescue Benefit, May 07, 2017

Timber Edge Farm, May 21, 2017

June Fete, June 10, 2017

Once Upon a Farm, June 25, 2017

Taylor Made Farm, July 16, 2017

Penny Silcox, July 30, 2017

Fox Heath, August 06, 2017

Taylor Made Farm, August 20, 2017

Patty Miller Stables, September 10, 2017

Sommerfield Stables, September 17, 2017

Jentri Stables, September 24, 2017

Fox Heath, October 01, 2017

Jentri Stables, October 22, 2017

Huntingdon Valley Hunter Trials, November 05, 2017

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