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Divisional Standings

AHS High Classic

AHS Low Classic

Baby Green Hunter

Beginner Equitation

Child-Adult Hunter

Developing Hunter

Junior-Adult Pleasure

Lead Line

Lesson Mount

Long Stirrup


Modified Hunter

Novice Equitation

Open Equitation

Pre-Adult Hunter

Pre-Children's Hunter Horse

Pre-Children's Hunter Pony

Schooling Hunter - High

Schooling Hunter - Low

Schooling Jumpers - High

Schooling Jumpers - Low

Short Stirrup Equitation

Short Stirrup Hunter

Thoroughbred Hunter

Walk Trot Division

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AHS Rider Results

Riders must be an AHS Member during the 2023 show year to appear in this list

Bhardwaja Divya

Blessing Sofia

Bol Choc Adelina

Bumm Brooklyn

Cabrales Serena

Carabello Adrienne

Cattie Delaney

Clark Ashlyn

Daddario Kailyn

Dalewitz Maddy

Dalewitz Mckenzie

DeCheser Alexandra

DeLaura Ella

Dietz Ashlyn

Fluehr Kennedy

Frei Emily

Frisbie Vaughn

Getsky Sophia

Goche Reese

Howe Morgan

Huss Samantha

Ingalsbe Jessica

Johnston Hailey

Jones Elizabeth

Jordan Lily

Kauffman Hannah

Kaufman Elyse

Keller Cheryl

Kerr Ella

Klein Abigail

Klingman Lola

Kosashvili Daniela

Leslie Darcy

Loch Alexis

Mackinson-Sanders Evelyn

Mancini Eloise

McDermott Brynn

McElroy Parker

McGettigan Cara

Merlino Baileigh

Mezzanotte Sophia

Mill Jaici

Mooney Erica

Moyer Isabelle

Myers Anastasia

Ngo Maddy

Nyce Lauren

Palakollu Praanya

Palakollu Praasa

Patton Kenzie

Pazdan Gabrielle

Peters Heather

Peters Hsin-Hua

Post Sophia

Prendergast Marissa

Rauscher Marna

Reckeweg Ainsley

Rhoge Hannah

Risser Lily

Roh Emily

Schott Grace

Scott Ashley

Smith Ivy

Stoklosa Heidi

Stoklosa Hollie

Strauch Sharon

Taber Madison

Talochka Nicole

Tarasenko Daniella

Tarasewicz Paisley

Tomchinsky Elizabeth

Tone Gabe

Wexler Madeline

Wielehowski Isabel

Woodson Caroline

Wright Sofia

Yu Chelsea

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AHS Horse & Pony Results

Horses & Ponies must be an AHS Member during the 2023 show year to appear in this list


A Piece of Paradise

Absolut Ice

After Hours



Bail Me Out


Bellavista Highland Park

Best of Both Worlds

Big Brew





BW Rising Star

Clear Lady

Cloud 9


Crown Royal

Deal Me In

Dutch Harbor


Elle Va

Finding Nemo



Flying the Flag

Gemin' M

Grand Sport

Hello Neuman

Hershey's Special Dark

High Approval

Hot Pocket

I'm A Lady

Imagine That


Instinctive Rhythm




Light on the Sauce

Look At Me Now


Macho Man

Made You Look


My Irish Twin

Naughty By Nature

Niko Strong


Okie Dokie

Peeking At You

Penny For Your Thoughts

Perfect Escape

Rosie O'Grady

Saratogo Steve

Sassy But Classy

She's A Fine Girl

Short Stack

Sir William


Snowbodys Business


Straight Shooter

Street Swagger

Tail As Old As Time

Take A Chance

The Big Story

The Final Touch

The Italian Girl


Topper (FH)


Vegas DV Val D'Ay

Von Dutch

Watch Me Dance

When in Rome

Wynnbrook Coup d'Folie

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Show Results

Jentri Stables, April 02, 2023

HVH @ Fox Heath, April 16, 2023

Jentri Stables, April 23, 2023

Royce's Rescue, May 07, 2023

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